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We go to adding additional letters in the first name

4 Joe A Smith's, hired at different times
First hire: jsmith
Second hire: jasmith 
Third hire: josmith
Fourth Hire: joesmith (or joasmith)

I've never had more then 3 users with the same first, middle, and last
name so far, but only about 1300 users.

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Hi all,

Question of the day:

We have more than 3500 users in our AD, and about 2500 mailboxes. We use
the first name initial/last name naming scheme

We ran through some issues, where we have more than 4 users with the
same first/middle/last name.

 So we started using numbers to give them the uniqueness that the system
requires, but the boss didn't like it and have assigned me the task of
figuring out the best way, and because you guys are experts at what you
do, I thought that you may help me get this task done at best.

I welcome all ideas and any ideas and I appreciate any comments (Nicely

Thanks to all in advance

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