Question about "disaster recovery" for Exchange

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:26:00 -0700


I'm reading a MS document about "Disaster Recovery for Exchange 2K"

It explain 3 mode for a disaster recovery : 1° Restore the server 2°
Rebuild the server 3° stand by recovery server..... I choose the Rebuild
the server mode ......But to succeed the "Rebuild the server mode" you
need to have a "Windows backup set": it inclue three parts : System state
data, the Windows boot partition and the Windows system partition.....

I have a Exchange 2k box with only 1 hard disk divided into 2 partition C:
and F: On partition C:, I installed Win2k SRV/SP3, Exchange2K
SRV/SP2,Antivirus for W2k and exchange .....On partition f: is stored
Exchange databases and transaction log files .....

My question is about "Windows backup set" ......I know how to back up the
"system state" with NTbackup but I don't know how to backup "the boot and
system partition" Does it mean tha I have to backup all data on partition
c: including "Exchsrv" folder .....?

Thanks for your help ....


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