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If this "new Outlook Address Book" you're talking about is a Public Folder
then you merely need to publish this new form to that Public Folder (from
Outlook). Users can create new items with your form by choosing File | New >
| Choose Form.... If the user is in the said Public Folder the new form will
be in the form list that comes up first. Otherwise they'll need to navigate
to the proper Public Folder and then they will see the new form in the list.

The form will be "installed" on client computers the first time they try to
access it. Any changes you make to the form you simply publish it to the
Public Folder again with the same name (save over the old version), and
client machines will be smart enough to "install" it again getting all the
new changes.

I thought if you want it to be the default form you would just have to
publish it with the same name as the default form. But trying to find info
on that subject it seems it's not quite that easy.

This one seems to apply to Public Folders:

This one seems to apply to the core Outlook Folders (Inbox, Contacts, etc.):;EN-US;q295064&ID=KB;EN-US;

If you want a simple macro to change the form used by an existing item, let
me know. I altered the one offered by MS so that it runs as a macro and only
changes those items you have highlighted in the current folder. The MS one
changes every item in a folder:
I'm happy to share my "enhanced" version if you want, just let me know.

Chris Nielsen
Systems Administrator
New Dawn Technologies

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I hear your pain! :) 
I have been working on this issue for about a week now doing the same
thing. Since Outlook only holds "your" custom settings for a contact form,
it is, however is not set the same for all users.

Did you ever get answers on this issue? If you did i sure would like to
know that too.



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From within outlook I edited the new contacts form so that we could use it
as the default form for a new outlook address book.
What I need to be able to is publish this so that all users, can use this as
the default new contacts for that address book, or have this as a choice
when creating a new contact.
Where on the exchange server does this template have to be published or
copied to

Many thanks

Dane Killian
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