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  • From: "Mark Dewell" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:05:32 +0100

Can anyone explain win2000 / Exchange 2000 public folder replication and how
problems can be diagnosed and resolved.
I know how to set up folders and configure them for replication etc but
whenever we add a new Exchange server we get problems with several public
folders (different folders each time).
Here is as much info as I can get on the problem. All of the following info
is several hours after making changes so everything that is going to
replicate/update etc should have done so by then.
FolderA, FolderB, FolderC will replicate to new ServerB ok, FolderD appears
on ServerB, but no contents are replicated (contents being simple notes in
most folders, although we do have some folders with calender events etc).
Exchange System Manager shows the new folder under 'Public Folder Instances'
and 'Public Folders' views, although the size and total items will be wrong
on ServerB. They are correct on the originating ServerA. 
Exchange System Manager 'Replication Status' view shows the correct 'Number
of Replicas' on ServerA and one less that correct number on ServerB (which is
what you would expect if it wasn't working).
There are no error messages in the Event Log which appear relevant to this
Just to really confuse the issue, I have discovered that replication for
FolderD can be triggered by moving contents out of the FolderD on serverA and
then after a few minutes copying it back into the same folder. It does then
replicate to serverB, as do any other new messages. So I can work around the
problem, but why do messages already in the folder when a new server is
added, not replicate?
Is it the NNTP service that handles the replication? If not, which service
handles this?
MS website does not appear to have any specific information about public
folder replication, nor do any other Exchange related websites that I know
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