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  • Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 06:57:20 -0400

Hi Jason,
      Thank you for answering. How can I check the way in which it is
communicating for GC rights? What
  you say makes sense, because at times, users computers freeze when in
Outlook and pefroming email
  functions (almost like the Server is verify or trying to talk to the
GC). When "connection" is
  re-established", it works fine.  The Exchange server also pauses on a
consistent basis (it is impossible to
  do any work on it). It works, pauses (only mouse works), works,
pauses, etc.
     Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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  They problem most likely is the mail server is having problems talking
  to the domain controller with the GC rights.
  You might want to check to see if that is the problem.

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  Our organization is running Exchange 2000 enterprise Edition with
  service pack 1. We are having a problem at various times where the
  global address book in unavailable for some users (usually seems to be
  during peak usage). This problem is intermittent, and can affect one
  few, or several users.=20

  Our configuration is as follows:

  One server, Dell Power Edge 2500 PIII 900 with 1 Gig RAM
  200 mailboxes (users)
  Client - Outlook 2000
  Email Access: Microsoft Exchange Server (data is on Exchange Server)
  Message Store size :  13 gig

  Could this be a problem with the size of the mailbox message store?

  Any suggestions / comments would be appreciated.



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