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First thing, turn on SMTP logging - Servers --> Server name -->
Protocols --> SMTP --> right-click on Default SMTP... and enable
logging, and turn everything on.

Then, pick your favorite SMTP server out on the Internet and try and
"hit" it on port 25.
telnet 25
you should get a 220 response.
If you don't, make sure you can surf the internet.
If you get a 220 response, then you need to make sure the domain name
you are sending from exists in an A record.  If the SMTP logs above, you
might see error messages saying "domain does not exist"  What some SMTP
servers out there do is bounce your request to send back at you, to make
sure you are really a mail server.  If they can't see you, they reject

This kinda thing happened to me.  (forgive my poor composition skills if
this makes no sense :)

In the setup of a mail server (Imail, not exchange) it asks you what the
FQDN of the mail server should be.  I entered  I never
did have an A record for - I didn't think I would need
it.  What I did do was have the MX record for point to - basically the FQDN of my router.  SO...  when I
would try and send a message, my mail server would connect to the
receiving SMTP server fine, then do an HELO from  The
receiving SMTP server at some point tries to talk back to to make sure it is actually a mail server, but it looks
for an MX record of, not just - getting
nothing back, it believes that my server is bogus and sends my packets
to the bit-bucket.

In other words, I'd look hard at DNS and where everything is pointing

Also look at those log files.

Matt Walkowiak

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I have a problem with my exchange server. It all
started when my ISP changed my IP address and I had to
reconfigure my DNS records and my router configuration
to accomodate the chane. Initially my exchange was
working fine but all of a sudden all remote mails
started bouncing back. We can only send and receive
mails locally. We cannot send remote mails but we can
receive them.

I've checked System administrator to see if there is
any peculiarities but there seems to be none. 

Pls help.

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