Problem with OWA Customization

  • From: "vijay" <t.vijayakumar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 05:45:25 -0700

Hi All,
Iam working with OWA customization.
If we want to see the mail in Browser,by default we
will get Navbar in left side and Mailbox contents in right side.
I customized the right side portion,ie i registered my form for
the specific user INBOX folder(Registered for cmd=contents).
So by default i will get the Navbar in left side and my Form in right
side.This is working fine.

My problem is, if i registered my form for Inbox folder(when we register
form we have to specify command,i regiestered for command =contents).
So the customized form will come always,but i need the contents of user
Inbox folder also(the default form).

I can register my form in different command,if i did in that way
i have to give the command in URL also.

For example:


if i gave the above URL i have to get the customized form in right
frame(left frame is Navbar and right frame is folder contents).

How to solve this issue.

If anybody working on OWA Form registeration,pls help me

Thanx in Advance


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