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Why are the Execs' laptops using POP?  That's so 90's.


Set the Execs up to use MAPI instead of POP, using RPC over https (Outlook




(ignore the part where it says Exchange 2007 must run on Windows 2003 -
running on Windows 2008 is OK too.)




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Ok here is the situation...

All of our workstations have Office XP loaded on them, and our employees are
using Outlook Exchange XP. We have some Execs that have laptops that are
running Office 2007 and Outlook 2007. Now these people on laptops are set up
to POP into our Exchange server, while all our desktops are directly
connected to our Exchange 2007 Server. 

When ever one of the users tries to reply to one of the Execs on POP, their
Outlook errors out and Shuts down.

If the Exec sends the email via the web using OWA, then no one has a problem
repling to them, it is only when they send an email when they are POPed in. 

Server 2008
Exchange 2007 standard
Workstations loaded Windows XP and Office XP
Laptop's Loaded Windows XP, Offive 2007

Does this make since to anyone out there? Need more information, just email


Brian Baxter

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