Problem receiving attachments from one domain

  • From: Gene O'Brien <Gene@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 12:35:30 -0400

Hi All,
We're running Exchange 5.5, Windows 2000 Server, and GFI Mail Essentials
8.0.  GFI: ME is on the same server as Exchange (contrary to GFI's
instructions, but it was a question of resources), using an STMP virtual
server to transfer mail to an alternate port number.  Works fine for 98% of
what we're doing.  There was an 8-bit mime problem that we solved (mail from
a few clients was never delivered properly, so we had to turn off 8-bit
Now I'm running into a problem with one particular client who emails us.  No
matter what he sends in the way of file attachments, they show up on our
desktops as files with "zero" size.  Interesting, in Outlook, the attached
file shows a file size defined, but when saving the attachment, it saves as
0 bytes.  When we attempt to open the files, they open MS Word or Excel, but
come through as blank documents.
I've looked at the various logfiles, and as far as I can see, nothing is
being blocked or changed along the way.  The client swears that they send
documents to loads of other people without problems - we're the only ones
reporting a difficulty with their stuff.  They do use something called
"Deltaview" (which i've never heard of) to compare versions of documents,
but i've had them send things not run through this as well, to see if maybe
that was the problem.  It wasn't, the documents still came through as blank.
ANy ideas on what to look for here?  Any advice would be appreciated - this
is one of our company's attornies, and the CEO is annoyed!
Gene O'Brien
Network Administrator
Three Cities Research

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