Problem joining 5.5 site.

  • From: "Byrne, Steve" <Steve.Byrne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 09:17:08 +1200

I am having a weird problem joining an Exchange 5.5 site using a new Win2K
server (SP2)running Exchange 5.5.
When I attempt to join the site, I get the message
And I can go no further. 
Connectivity with the existing Exchange server in the site seems fine. There
are 400 users mailboxes on it and no problems there. I have also found that
Sys Admins cannot use the Exchange Admin tool to connect to this server
either - same message as above. 
I put a sniffer on the LAN and picked up RPC traffic between the two
servers. The sniffer found the existing exchange server to be "rejecting an
RPC connection for an "unspecified reason""
I have found some docs on the Technet site, but nothing relates to this
problem. Has anyone else seen this behavior?


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