[ExchangeList] Re: Problem installing Exch2k7 to coexist with Exch2k3 with a lot of LDAP search filters in recipient policies

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Thanks those were useful and interesting links.  However they do not address the basic issue I am facing:  in order to install a new Exchange 2007 server in an existing Exchange 2003 environment without being forced to upgrade or damage any existing live Exchange 2003 servers, we are forced to convert all recipient policies and anything involving LDAP queries to OPATH. For most situations this might not be a big deal but for us (in a multi-hosted environment) we have literally hundreds of recipient policies and LDAP search queries which, if touched, could seriously break existing users.  I am trying to understand if there is a cean, seamless, safe way to install a new Exchange 2007 server in an existing Exchange 2003 environment and if not, WHY NOT??  Was co-existence with Exchange 2003 not part of the plan for Exchange 2007?

It was bad enough that the Exchange 2007 install process forces one to do all those heart-stopping steps to prep the forest and domain but now this ...

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You can probably find everything you need in one of the top five articles returned here:




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I have an interesting issue installing a new Exchange 2007 server into an existing environment which has Exchange 2003 servers in it.  One thing to note is that we have a *LOT* of recipient policies with LDAP search filters in the existing Exchange 2003 environment (by necessity).


I have gone through the steps of updating the domain and AD, and I have successfully loaded the following roles on the new Exchange 2007 server:  Client Access, and Hub Transport.  However, I cannot load the Mailbox role as I run across the following error:


An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: The Exchange server address list service failed to respond. This could be because of an address list or email address policy configuration error. It was running command '$error.Clear(); $count=0; $ExchangeServers = Get-ExchangeServer -DomainController $RoleDomainController; foreach($server in $ExchangeServers) { if(($server.AdminDisplayVersion.Build -gt 641) -and ($server.IsMailboxServer -eq $true)) { $count++; } } if( $count -eq 1) { Set-OrganizationConfig -DomainController $RoleDomainController; }'.


The problem is caused apparently because the install process does not like any recipient policy which has an ampersand or a paren (!).  One solution I found involves is listed in the attached webpage below:




It involves removing the search filter for every recipient policy, then rerunning the installation.  For a small list of domains, this would be easy to do,
but with our large list of recipient policies, we would break every user for the duration of the installation, and I have not found an answer on the proper way to restore the recipient policies (LDAP or OPATH).  It is important that Exchange 2003 be able to read the recipient policies in order to determine accepted e-mail domains, or else all the 2003 servers will start rejecting e-mail for valid users.


How can I get arond this LDAP issue and install the Mailbox role without having to remove all my LDAP search filters and then having to re-install them (a process which could take hours and could be highly error prone).


I find it hard to believe that Exchange 2003 cannot coexist with Exchange 2007, yet this issue seems to imply that this is the case!






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