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  • From: "shorabh upadhyay" <shorabh.upadhyay@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:06:19 +0530

Dear Prabhakar,
                 I am not hesitating  to Pankaj but i was also trying to help him.You just have a look on his question he is telling that he had trasferd the all three roles from DC03 to DC03 only....? What make the differane here....if u r transfering on same DC. That was my question and Do not worrry here already very cool its raining here :)
                I hope you got my point

On 8/23/06, Prabhu Kamuni <prabhu2311@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Koool Pankaj
Please let me know the Exact problem ?
To shorab updaya,(progressive)
Be kool man ...you asked some time back abt NIC card did u remebred ?
so if some one in problem ..try to help them if you can ..Otherwise be koool.
can you run exchange ? with out AD ?  most of the problems in exchange bcoz of AD...if AD is perfect 50 % of the problems solved ..
Cheers !!

Pankaj Verma <pankuverma@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
-------------------------------------------------------Hi All

I know that this is a Discussion group for Exchange, but I am posting
query for Active directory… ( or anyone can tell me if anyone has
Active directory discussion group where I can post my query )

I have 3 domain controllers. I transfer all the FSMO roles from DC03
to DC03 after that I shutdown D03 & I restarted D02 & dC01 but after
that I was not able to communicate with active directory then switched
on DC03 after that every thing is working fine. If somebody can tell
me what could be the problem and after the in event viewer I am
getting an error

Event id =1030 & 1058 source = usernv

Pankaj verma
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Thanks and Regards,

Shorabh S. Upadhyay
Engineer - Exchange Server Support
Progressive Infotech (P) Ltd.

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