Re: Problem accessing Exchange Server remotely using Outlook

  • From: "Jamie A. Byrnes" <jabyrnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 14:16:44 +0930

Its sort of an unwritten rule that things don't get blocked out on the
net. As long as everyone conforms to the RFCs you can do what you want.
If what you want is to send plaintext passwords thru who-knows-where
then be it on your head. Unfortunately even modern software doesn't pop
up a message box saying "hey, you're about to do something stupid!".  I
think slammer was blocked for about 12 days, can't remember exactly.
I believe DCOM over HTTP is rather bandwidth consuming, don't know much
about it. But are you sure you need it?
Now a WAN is a bit different. Assuming the WAN isn't backboning over the
internet (right?) it depends on how trustworthy the connections between
your sites are. And of course how much money you have in the budget.
Ideally you would firewall both sides rather than VPN it, although the
effectiveness of a firewall internally is a debatable subject.
Personally I think they're quite useful for traffic control.
If you're using a point to point connection thru a major carrier I
wouldn't worry too much. If you're going thru a cloud of any sort (ie.
FR, X.400) I'd seek professional advice - your Telco should suffice to
begin with.
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        Thanks for the insight Jamie, you've definitely given me
something to think about.  Everything I've read online about port 135
doesn't lead me to believe they'll be turning it back on soon.  Do you
know for certain that they will or is that pretty much status quo?  I've
been told that you can run DCOM over HTTP.  Is that an alternative for
those seeking to run a domain across a WAN where they need user
authentication without VPNs at all locations?

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