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Ummm...did you import the contacts from an Exchange 5.5? We did at my job and 
every email bounced. We called Microsoft and got help but it was limited. We 
wrote a small program to change the last cn=name this solved the problem. Note: 
Exchange 2000 is very unforgiving, the problem exist because they are NOT 
unique. See...all members/contacts in each group points to the same 
cn=name...say for instance you have a group called JCPENNY. When you imported 
the list from the old 5.5, the list came over with NO uniqueness. You must 
change the cn=name to the correct user/contact name eg: 
oholland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx would be cn=oholland and not the group. Does this 
make sense? I hope.
Otto Holland
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        hello ,
        I am facing a problem with exchange2k and outloo-2000. When i try to 
add a new contact to my address book from the GAL,(by double clicking on the 
name from the GAL) the name gets added to the e-mail with the users display 
name.The problem is when i double click on this name the Display entry gets 
resolved to"/o=something/ou=First Administrative Group /cn=Reciepient /cn=name' 
 and under the email tab , it shows blank .Emails to this person bounce back.If 
I explicitly add this person and type-in the email address it works.Also frm 
the GAL if i right click on this person and see properties, everything looks 
fine.(The problem is only with adding this person with a double click).This 
happens to only 2-3 users for other users everything works fine.
        Any ideas appreciated.
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