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what is driving the change to the server's status and configuration? is it performance only? if you outlined the key services this machine is providing the school, to what degree is it not meeting production expectations specifically? if you did nothing, where are they at?

having a clear understanding and itemization of what it should be doing and degree to which it is not currently meeting expectations will help drive success with any change.


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Happy New Year and Thanks for all the input.

To explain, I am 73 and (semi retired) helping a new Community School get
off the ground and happen to have some computer skills they need. My pay is
reward in doing a good job and helping the Community. So you see, I have to
get by on help from friendly people like yourselves to get this thing in
proper operation.

I originally got to this exchangelist through the article printed by Amit
Zinman whose article on Sep 22, 2004 offered a tutorial on the SBS 2003.

The previous administrator was a person with little computer knowledge and
I'm certain the Proliant was not set up properly. He convinced the President
of the school to get just the Standard version of SBS 2003. Therefore, what
I am trying to do now is a complete wipe out of the hard drive without
having to re install Windows. Can any of you recommend a good clean sweep
program that would allow me to install SBS 2003 from scratch? I'm not sure
if the SBS 2003 has to be installed on top of Windows or is self contained
with it.

I did have the Server working with it's web site on the Internet and
internal Mail functioning properly but the system was very slow and
indicated a lack of memory. The payoff came when the President of the School
tried to access the Server with an old password and the system locked the
Administrator out. [I was given express control over the server and changed
the password at my discretion--but now , due to the unauthorized hack, I can
not get back to the Server Management Active Files]. He learned his lesson
and I'm left with a mess. However, there is no pressure on me except from
myself to get it up and running again.

I am hoping to re partition the Proliant 3000 according to the tutorial. I
do know that the previous Administrator did not download the necessary
updates as suggested in the tutorial.

There is hope in the not to distant future of obtaining a new server but of
course as some of you stated, cost is the factor.

Again, thanks for being there

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