Postmaster and NDRs

  • From: "Raji Arulambalam" <RajiA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 17:32:03 +1200

Using Exchange Server 2003 Standard Ed.

I've found the following problems/anomalies and wonder if there are any 
solutions to these..

I've designated  a mailbox user as the postmaster so he has the 
postmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx proxy smtp address.

(1)Applied the fixes from 832492 and then 838236 to permit caching of smtp 
messages as ipm.note in public folders in Exchange 2003, but embedded email 
messages appear as (see 830961 for Exchange 2000, no Exchange 2003 
fix ?)

(2)After the reg hack in article 812806, NDRs can be posted to a public folder 
directly from the smtp VS1 but their format has changed. The undeliverable 
message appears as an attachment and is of the form, so am unable to 
forward it to the correct address. Also the senders display name is the users 
friendly name and not as 'System Administrator' as it was before. The sender 
also receives these notices as sent from the user showing the display name.
This reg hack also enabled me to automatically send a NDR delivered to a 
mailbox to the public folder.

(3) If the original message that generated the NDR came from an internal user, 
then the embedded attachment with the NDR is in the ipm.note form. If the 
message originated externally then the message attachment is in ipm.port form.

(4) If a user requests a delivery receipt or read receipt, then the reports 
appears as coming from the user using their display name. And the format of 
these has changed as well, as the acknowledgments are in attachments.

Has anybody else seen this and is there any solutions.


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