RE: Possible to have parallel NT and AD domains an d sync between Exchange 5.5 and 2000?

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between Exchange 5.5 and 2000?

Can some one please help with the following question?

I am thinking of the following strategy for migrating to AD. Please comment
on it's feasibility. We have a single NT domain with an Exchange
5.5 server. I was thinking of two scenarios:

1) Set up a separate AD domain and Exchange 2000 server. I'm thinking that
it's possible to setup a one way trust relationship between the NT and AD
domains. Is it possible to synchronize the exchange 5.5 and 2000 servers
accross the two domains? I'm thinking that to sync exchange servers they
have to belong to the same site, but if I build the Exchange 2000 and give
it the same site name as the Exchange 5.5 would the sync work or do I have
to establish the trust relationship first then join the Exchange 2000 to the
Exchange 5.5 site? I want to maintain parallel domains so that if there will
be major AD problems several months down the line after the migration I can
revert to the old NT domain and still get an up to date email server.

>>>>>>Trust has to be there first.  This is not uncommon at all.  You'll
need the ADC as well. As for your fallback plan, I think that's not
realistic.  After a few weeks, you declare the migration a success and
sunset the legacy environment.  Period.  Don't live in the past and the
present if possible.  The troubleshooting is way to complex for that
scenario.  Active Directory and NT 4.0 domains can be separate and be happy.
It's more complex, but it's possible to do if required.  

2) The second scenario is to not maintain parallel domains. My concern is
that if we have to roll back to the NT domain after spending a few months
running the Exchange 2000 server I will not be able to rebuild the Exchange
5.5 using the Exchange 2000 databases. I've rebuilt an Exchange
5.5 server using just a backup of the Exchange 5.5 dir.edb, priv.edb and
pub.edb databases before, but knowing that Exchange 2000 does not have its
own directory database but rather uses the AD as its directory source, I
don't think I can rebuild the Exchange 5.5 using the Exchange 2000 data.
Or am I wrong about that?  

>>>nope, Exchange 2000 databases require to be restored to an Exchange 2000
server (might be able to restore to a 2003 but haven't checked yet).  You'll
want to read the updated disaster recovery whitepapers to understand this
more fully.  It's terribly difficult, but you have to absorb new concepts.

This is definitely a test network first thing but I just want to get some
opinions and insights before I dive into setting up a test network and find
out that it's not possbile.

Appreciate all the help. 

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