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  • From: "Manoj" <pillai.manu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:21:10 -0600

Hi Ben,

The error code "c1041724 and Error -1811 corresponds to
JET_errFileNotFound running eseutil " you have specified in your message
can been caused if the logs files have a mismatched signature. I.e the
signature of the database and the signature of the log files does not
match. To resolve this issue follow the steps gioven below.

1. Dismoutn the public folder store
2. Stop the System attendent service, which will stop the information
3. Go to the MDBDATA folder
4. Move all the logs files from this folder to a differnt folder. In other
words the MDBDATA folder should contain only the priv1.EDB and PRIV1.STM

NOTE:Dont worry of the log files. Once the store is dismounted gracefully
you do not require any log files to start the database.

5. Start the System attendent and Information store.
6. Start mount your mailbox and pulic folder store.

Now the question comes why did u experience the same issue while creating
the new store.. The answer is the same log files are used for all the
stores in the same storage group.

So go ahead and create a new storage goup and then check it out.

For further clarification and troubleshooting check the following KB

the info in this is very rare...might not apply to ur case.. However take
a look if the above info fails. 290215,294318

Please let me know if u need additional help

for instant help pillaimanoj@xxxxxxxxxxx 

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