Please advice Me this is the 2nd time with same query.

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HI All,

 Please advice me on this this is the second time I am Mailing with the same 

I would like to know whether Exchange is the right choice for my company.
My Current infrasturcture is as follows.
This will be a basic infrastructure with no complications.

1. I have 3 Locations all with Dial-up connections.
2. I have a 3 party mail server running on IIS.
3. All my clients use Internet explorer to access their mail boxes.
4 I have around 100 aliases and 10 pop IDs were all the aliases are configured 
to the pop IDs.
5. All my mailservers will connect at every 10 minutes interval to the pop3 
boxes and disconnect.
6. All the mails are distributed to their respective boxes.

So this is my current infrastructure. 
My Queries and requirements are.
1. Does exchage suit this kind of a small infrastructure.? with only dial-up 
2. set a rule that for all their incomming messages automaticaly a CC to 
3. set a rule that for all outgoing messages automaticaly a cc to outengine.?
4. A set of people or one department should be able to share a same ID.
5. I dont want a leased line connetivity.
6. I dont want a centralised system.just my clients have access their mailboxes.
7. I dont want external Chat services. but we definately require instant 
messaging within the office.

NOTE: The full utilisation of the exchange resource will used as and when 

Please advice me on this 
It would be of great help for me to take the decision.

Balaji Naidu

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