Please Some one correct that For me

  • From: "Mohammed Tantawi" <mtantawi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 14:00:17 +0300

Dear All, 

I am still new to Exchange server, so Please can any one help me to
understand that ?


I have one thing which makes confuse, please some one try to correct me.

What do you mean by Virtual server? And what do you mean by POP3 virtual



For Example, if I have here in Saudi Arabia My Exchange server and it
has the following Real IP ( ) and its online by ISP
through  Fram Relay .


And I have registered my new domain name under Network solution company
with the following name ( ) and it already registered , and
they give me the following information :- 


Domain Name: 

Secure Server (SSL) Path:

Server Name: straw 

Web Directory Path: /www/MS400/


Current IP:




With the E-mail Solution  . so I configured the outlook configuration to
use the POP3 server which is my domain name . and I can send & Receive
any E-mail with using Outlook Normal without my Exchange server at all .
( I mean connect online ).




MY Question is 


Now if I want to configure  my Exchange server which I have here in my
office  to be connected to My server which is located in USA and to
download the E-mails only from My server in USA, when I configure THE
Virtual server for My Exchange server , do you mean that , the virtual
server for MY exchange server will be MY server in USA. 


I mean if its like I am telling My exchange server that , you have
another virtual server located in USA with this IP , Please
go there and download all of the E-mails from there . and its POP3
virtual server . NOT SMTP virtual server . 



Is it Wright? 


Please littlie help regarding this .        



With my best wishes,

Mohammed Tantawi

IT Specialist



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