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Either this person has a major problem on his hands, or some one is going


<Blast shields up, fire away>


John Tolmachoff


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thank you for your help,,


but do you think there is time , this is if the comapny did not fire me ?
what do you think , i am alone in my office now and no one with me here  ,
can you see, really i want to sleep , i havent slept since 18 hours , and i
think i get enough , really i do not know why i choose IT as my JOB, its
disaster Man , 


anyway , Please Pray for me , i have here alot of things happen in front of
me, For Example , since 20 minutes , MY  NAS From Dell, has been completly
deleted and our Backup Tap has a problem inside it , and we are unable to
return back every thing to the Normal way , its disaster , disaster ,
disaster .



really Pray for me

Andrew English <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Honestly I don't mind helping you but you really have to get a book on
setting up Windows and Exchange and so some reading. 


If you open Exchange System Manager (ESM) and expand the tree so you see
your Exchange server, you should be able to find the protocols tree, under
that tree you should be able to find POP3. Normally it has a red circle with
an X through it. If this is case you will need to go into services.msc and
turn POP3 on, setting it to Automatic, and Start. 


Since you are limited to SBS you will have to see if anything else on your
SBS servers uses port 110 (is it for pop3?) and if the answer is no, then
simply assign your servers IP to POP3. The only place assigning your IP gets
tricky is with your websites, and OWA. Though there is away to get around
that too, but that's for another time. :-)


Good Luck



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