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There are two things:
1. Your server is still opened for relay.
2. Your server probably have been blocked by these sites as it is sending
junk mails to them.
Close the open relay. 
 have set the relay restrictions to our internal networks subnet only  - Do
Not write anything here. Leave all the fields blank. I mean, do not specifiy
IP's of any network, not even ur internal one.
Then check for the blacklisted mail servers at AOL, Yahoo.....



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The problem that I have posted in this list regarding some domains dropped
conns haven't got reply.. please help !

In my endeavour to find the cause of the problem I find out that there some
big queues to some domains like ,, and which
were actually made up of hundreds of junk emails sent by none of our users.
I suspect that our server has been infected by viruses ? which contiously
send junk and chain emails to email addresses in, and

Is there anyway we can set exchange 2000 to only send emails from our users
? I have set the relay restrictions to our internal networks subnet only but
this way can't cope with the kind of attack like above.

Our server is w2k.. behind raptor firewall, using exchange 2000 and has
Norton AV already installed.

Please help..






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