[ExchangeList & ISAList--sorry for crosspost] Permissions when forwarding contact to external recepient.

  • From: Ian Sterling <i_sterling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 22:33:30 -0600

Sorry for the cross post, but I haven't been able to peg down whether this
is an ISA, Exchange or OfficeXP problem.  I'm hoping that someone might have
seen this before.

We have an Exchange 2000 server behind an ISA2000 (all part of a
multi-server BackOffice 2000 installation).  Outlook XP users cannot forward
another contact to an external recepient.  {Forwarding accomplished by right
clicking on the contact you want to send to someone and selecting Forward
from the context menu.  Then choosing a contact from an e-mail enabled
contacts folder.}  This sends with no problems when the intended recepient
is selected from the Global Contacts.  This doesn¹t seem to be a problem
from 2KPro clients.  Any suggestions?  Haven't found anything on technet
yet, (but I will admit, I haven't looked too hard yet.....I figured I would
look more while seeing what the lists have to say.

On another note, I've been having real problems with getting ISA and OWA to
work using either the mail server or publishing how-to's on the
ISAserver.org & the exchangeserver.org websites.  I'm figuring that the ISA
box needs to be totally re-installed.  After reading many of the posts
regarding not making the ISA box a domain controller, I'm going to try to
get ISA to work better and demote it from a dc (which it is because I could
never get DNS to resolve external addresses unless I installed it on the ISA
box).  My main question here, is it better to uninstall everything on this
server and then re-configure it? Or would I be better off just waxing the
entire box and start from scratch?  Suggestions welcomed and appreciated.

I haven't been on these lists long, (and I'm usually 2 or 3 days behind on
most of the messages) but I've made it a habit to read every post and it's
amazing how much I've learned.

Thank you all.

Ian Sterling
Systems Administrator
Business Equipment Center
Memphis, TN

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