Partially fill in OWA login information? Possible?

  • From: "Devin McBride" <devin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 19:47:36 -0700

Hey all.  I'm slowly migrating webmail access for clients from an imail server 
to our internal exchange 2003 based server.  The one gripe im hearing over and 
over is the difference in login techniques. 
*With imail it was simply username: user@xxxxxxxxxx / password: password   
(Very straight forward and easy to use...)
*With the exchange they are (I know I dont need to state this, but just so 
people know what im talking about) username: domain\username password: password
While this shouldnt cause too much difficulty, what I am seeing is confusion on 
the most part.  The internal domain is slightly different than their email 
domain, so they are having to type in domainname which they dont recognize as 
their email domain.  As most of you are aware I'm sure, the users dont want to 
hassle with the technicalities of their network setup.  They want it to work - 
and in a very easy fashion at that.
My question is as it possible to have the login page partially 
fill the username portion automatically for them?  I'm not too worried with the 
security side of things as they are already establishing a vpn connection using 
the watchguard firebox already in what I want is to have the login 
page already fill in "Username: INTERNALDOMAIN\" and allow them to fill in the 
rest after the \
If anyone could even lead me in the right direction with this, it would be VERY 
greatly appreciated as we dont want to host their actual domain internally yet 
still want all the nice functionality of 2003 servers.
Thanks so much in advance,

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