POP/POP3 is not autenticating with 3rd part software but only with Microsoft products

  • From: "Hermano JS. Queiroz" <hjsqueiroz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 09:37:32 -0400

Hi Everyone, 

        We have been noticed that some e-mail clients isn't working with our 
Exchange 2000 SP4 since last week, and it is really interesting because this 
problem looks like that start after password expiration date, so isn't stopped 
at the same day.
        We can telnet "exchange Server" 25 or 110 ports and get the greetings 
from the server, but for some reason it is not autenticating with the server at 
all, one is a PC machine with Eudora client and another one it is Mac OS. 
        I got messages like Eudora "<Dominant>, Logging into POP Server, USER 
XXXXXX[HH:MM:SS AM] There has been an error transferring your... or in the Mac 
"The attempt to read data from the server "XX.XX.XX.XX" failed and these are 
machines inside of the firewall and no changes has been made, only Microsoft 
        If you have any clue or suggestions that you're willing to share, I 
really will appreciate.
        Thanks in advance,


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Subject: [exchangelist] RE: script to delete mail in deleted item


I have been thinking about this as well. Outlook's (2000) Auto Archiving option 
to delete/remove items older than threshold does not seem to work. I was 
planning on working with ExMerge. Is this the only option for Exchange 2000 SP3 
as well? Can one  create a scheduled task or package for this to run? If so, 
any good resource (other than MS Support - I will check that area). Thanks! Dan

>From: Periyasamy, Raj [mailto:Raj.Periyasamy@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
>Subject: [exchangelist] RE: script to delete mail in deleted item

>You must use the Exmerge utility for doing this task. In Exmerge, use the
>Options to define the Folders to be only "Deleted Items" and select the date
>range what you need. Set the Item Procedure option to "Archive data to
>target store. You can also enable the "Items from Dumpster" option to clean
>up the dumpster. This process will archive all items from the deleted items
>folder in to multiple PST files. You can either keep them or purge them.
>Raj Periyasamy 
>From: NGUYEN HONG HA [mailto:HANH.EVNIT@xxxxxxxxxx] 
>We are having some Exchange 5.5 servers with thounsands of users. Now I want
>to delete all mailboxes which are over 30 days in each user's deleted item.
>Do I have to go to each user's mailbox or can I have another way to do it ?

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