POP3 Server--- urgent

  • From: "rolamohammed" <rolamohammed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 02:31:17 +0600

Dear All, 

I have here one situation need your opinion for that, please give me your 

I have here 25 users are have domain account & Exchange mailbox account on 
the exchaneg server 2003 3nterprise edition .

5 users only we do not need them to access my network and they are in another 
subnet completely.
we have this domain name EGYPT-INNOVATIONS.COM , And all the users have there 
e-mails like taht .

now, all the users are able completely to send to out side & receive from 

but the total 5 users which they are here, they cant receive any e-mails from 
any user located on the exchange box , because the e-mails which we sent 
them, its stored on there mailbox.

the only solution for that , i have to let them to enter the network and to 
be able to connect and receive e-mails.

but we do not want to do that at all.

what i did ?

1- i make only one E-mail account but using the POP3 & i put the IP-address 
of exchange server , and in the SMTP server i put the IP-address of the 
exchange server .

Now, they arre able to communicate and receive e-mails from internal & 

but my question is , is there anyway , to put for example a POP3 server 
between them and the exchange server , so they will be able to communicate 
directly with the POP3 Server and the POP3 server will take all the E-mails 
from the exchange server and give it to them ? 

in case of any thing happen to the POP 3 server which i create , it will be 
very easy for me to work and install it agian .

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