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If you have that many messages to be downloaded in that amount of time, it
is time to rethink your e-mail setup. 


John Tolmachoff


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dear All, 

i am facing this Problem now and looking for some help Really i need it ,
Please if you know a solution or if you know recommendation , Please Help me
. i am working on it Now. otherwise no need to see or her some comments
which is not good at all . Please Help me in this . 



i have big Problem in My exchange server .


i have one server which installed on it SBS2000 with Exchange 2000 and

and as you are a ware this SBS2000 comes with Bulit in Toll for download
Emails from POP 3 Server , and this Toll called POP3 Connector. 



but i found that i have a Problem with it .


 i found this Error message in Front of me :-


Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes has encountered an internal error
that it could not recover from. 

After you close the error message dialog box, the following files are


C:\Program Files\Microsoft BackOffice\Connectivity\POP3 Connector\Vmimb.txt


C:\Program Files\Microsoft BackOffice\Connectivity\POP3 Connector\Vmimb.evt



i searched on the internet and i found a sloution for it . 

but this solution tell me  the following :-



This problem may occur if the following conditions exist: 


The Microsoft Connector for POP3 is in the process of downloading a lot of


The next-scheduled connector download time occurs.


The time that it takes to download the larger volume of messages is
exceeding the scheduled download interval. This interval is set in the
Microsoft POP3 Connector properties. This situation causes a conflict with
the current download of inbound messages and the scheduled start of the


To work around this problem, increase the Microsoft Connector for POP3
Mailboxes Scheduler time. This provides a longer interval of time before the
next start of the connector. The next-scheduled start of the Connector
occurs later, and does not overlap the current download. 



Start the Small Business Server (SBS) Administrator Console, and expand the
Exchange node for your organization. 

Expand the Administrative Group, the first administrative group, and then
expand the Connectors node. Right-click the Microsoft Connector for POP3
Mailboxes, then click Properties.



On the Connect and Download tab, click the Schedule button.


Change the scheduled settings to increase the existing interval between each
scheduled download. Zero hours and fifteen minutes are the minimum intervals
for the connector.

NOTE: The exact location of the Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes may
vary, depending on the options you selected in the Exchange node properties,
Administrative Views.


as you can see i understand the following :-

The Time that POP3 Connector takes to download the large Volumes of Messages
is exceeding the sceduled download interval .

it means that , the pop 3 was busy in download Large messages and took more
than 15 Minutes, then while it was downloading , it found that the 15
minutes finished and it should start again or should connect again , then
this situation or this conflict has been done , is that correct ? 

so, the solution which was recommende from Microsoft was to increase the
time of Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes Scheduler time.

its by default 15 Minutes, But if i make if for Example 30 Minutes, it means
that, i am telling Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes to connect to the
POP3 server every 30 minutes and download the E-mails.

but what will happen if was there a lof of E-mails and the connector take
more than 30 minutes and the Next Schedlue start. i think i will face the
same Problem agian , and also all of my users will be un able to recevies
E-mails in matter of 3 minutes, but they will face a problem that if they
send messages and some one replyon it , they will never see the Reply except
after 30 minutes . 

is there any solution for that Problem ? 

Please Reply as soon as Possible .


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