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Have you tried enabling "required authentication" option for the SMTP server
in the client?



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Ok gurus, this is an important issue for me.  Please Help!

Scenario:  Last week my log files grew inmesnly that it filled my HD (8G)
and it crashed my server. It happend over night and backup fail.  I called
Microsoft and they told me to make sure I had a successful back up so that
teh files could get flush.  I need it my server up and running immediately
so I just move the files over to make some space and exchange came back up.

They kept on building like crazy so they asked me to enable cirular loging
and check the box to only allow clients that successfully authenticate, also
enable tracking.

Later I figured out that we were getting spammed by an internal source so
takig care of this the log files issue got solved. 

Problem:  Since they had me do this,  my POP3 users are no longer able to
send mail outside the company.  Notning changed on their settings. However
if I changed the SMTP server from what they have always had to our external
SMTP server mail flows, otherwise it leaves the outbox and disapears into a
black hole. Don't know where.

I have disabled circular logging and that allow clients that successfully
authenticate box nad still doesn't work.  MSFT thinks its not related so If
it was not, I think, It should it have started wroking when I disabled those
options they had me enable. correct?

Please help as I am desperate.


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