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Yes, we had similar problem after decommissioning the old mail server.
This is what we did to resolve it, on Windows NT Client, you have to
recreate their OUTLOOK profile (not NT profile), on Windows XP, you
could do the same HOWEVER, if you have customized the Office XP
installation and it's pointing to the OLD mail server then you can fix
this by doing the following:


1)      Open the file "Custom.prf" located on "C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Office" with Notepad

2)      Do a "Find and Replace" and type the name of your old mail
server in the "Find" section and type the name of the new mail server in
the "Replace with" section

3)      Save the file

4)      Do an SMS (Systems Management Server) job to push/copy the new
custom.prf file to all XP workstations


Another possible solution (that we haven't tried yet but you might want
to test it in the lab first) is to do the following:


On your domain controller, go to DNS and right click and select "Other
New Records" and select "CNAME" from the list.  What you are doing in
this step is actually creating an alias for your OLD mail server that
points to the NEW mail server.  Again, test this one in the lab prior
doing it on your production network.


Hope this helps.



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After moving mailboxes, outlook clients are pointing to old server.  I
think it is because we uninstall old server just after moving mailboxes.


Is there any way to configure Outlook clients with a new mail server
setting?  If yes then please let me know.  I am looking for a script or
a utility to point old outlook profiles to a new server.





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