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Where are these machines that are not joined to the domain located?
(a) Inside or (b) Outside the firewall?

If you said (b), do they have VPN connection to your interanet?
(a) Yes   (b) No

If you said (b) they need a VPN connection, or if they are using Outlook
2003 on Windows XP, you need to configure RPC over HTTP.

If you said (a) to either question, what procedure have users been given for
connecting to the domain?  If they don't connect to the Exchange server
first, has Outlook been setup to always prompt for password?

A machine not in the domain does not automatically work the way a machine in
the domain works.  You have to put in some extra steps.


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We have an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server on a Windows 2003 server
acting as PDC (not an ideal solution I know, but beeing a small org I
guess the server will handle the load just fine).


Outlook clients cannot connect to the exchange server if the machine is
not part of the domain housing the exchange server.

Is there a smart fix for this?

Thanks in advance!

Sture Lygren
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Andoya Rocket Range
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