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I also have the Outlook patch installed, not on all users yet and it works
great.  However, we have two levels of antivirus software.  On our Exchange
Server we have installed a software called Panda and it works well.  So far.
We used to have CA's InoculateIT but it let viruses in.  On the desktops we
have Norton 7.6.  But, the Panda software is catching everything.

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The best thing I ever implemented was the Outlook patch that killed any
attachment with a program extension.  It blocks the ability for Outlook
2000 to download the attachment.  Can't turn it off at all.  It doesn't
delete it, so the user can use OE or OWA to get it if they want.

When I first installed the patch, I was working at a development/hosting
provider - if you have ever had to support developers, they are the
WORST.  They usually have a "dangerous" amount of knowledge and their
computers are more complex than a 4 node active/active SQL cluster.
They also tend to download more crap than <insert joke here>.

Anyway, I pretty much forced this change on them, and after a few days
of complaining about not being able to send .vbs files around the
Internet, they were OK with it.  They got used to either zipping the
file up or changing the name of the file before they sent it.

After everyone had this software installed, I didn't even care about
getting the virus software updated for 2 reasons.  One, 95% of all the
viruses I cared about were coming thru on e-mail and attacking Outlook
clients, and two, any new virus that is spreading like wildfire wouldn't
get caught by anti-virus anyway because it's too new.

BUT to answer your question, I am using Norton AntiVirus 7.6 for
Corporate - has an Exchange/Outlook component for the client.  You can
also get software that gets installed directly onto the Exchange server,
but im not sure if I trust that fully yet.

Matt Walkowiak

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From: Jerry Moore [mailto:jmoore@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] Outlook and Antivirus software. - Re-Vamped!

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 Win2K/Citrix servers that are running Outlook 2000 and some
other apps.  Our current email system is POP3 and I was wondering if
anyone has a recommendation for providing antivirus protection at the
Outlook level as the email is being downloaded?  Could I build an email
gateway to pull the mail down and scan it before it gets to my servers?

Jerry Moore

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