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The latest "recommended" way by Microsoft is creating a custom
installation of Office (or just Outlook) XP. this can be done using the
Custom Installation Wizard (CIW) that's part of the Office XP Resource
Kit. then Outlook is deployed (installed) and will create the right
%username% profile when first opened by each user. if you have Office XP
already deployed you can use the Custom Maintenance Wizard (CMW) of that
same Office XP Resource kit to create a file that then can be used to
modify your Outlook so it'll create that profile next time it's opened.
an even simpler method also recommended as an option is to use the CIW,
and then use an option it has to "export" a "PRF" file. this PRF file is
now "executable" in computers with Outlook XP installed and will create
that %username% profile automatically.  The old profgen & newprof
utilities I assume will work well too.  I'm using the PRF file thingy.




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>Is ther a way to automatically configure Outlook XP whena user clicks
on the Outlook icon? Can the 

>  Outlook pickup the user logon name and resolve the name in the AD to
create profile automatically ? 


Look for profgen.exe in the Backoffice Resource Kit.  It has some
limitations, though.  I personally use a commercial product for that:



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