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  • Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 07:40:04 -0400

Good morning Exchange list
Environment: NT 4.0, Exchange 5.5 sp, Outlook 97. We have 4 servers, 3 are
what we call message stores (no IMS), and one "routing hub" that has our IMS
installed with @ 6 mailboxes. 
We have a client who is attached to 2 executives mail boxes, she "user"
permissions on the Exchange server mail box . When in her Outlook client,
she opens a message from the exec's Inbox and replies or forwards the
message. The message gets placed in the Outbox and stays there even after
the message has been delivered to the recipients. This recipients can be a
in person in house or a person out side the firewall. We have dozens of
people who do this without getting the message stuck in the Outbox so we are
assuming it is only her Outlook client. I checked the Delegates tab under
Tool/Options, and she is listed and has "Inbox = Custom, Contacts = Custom,
Notes = Editor, Journal = Editor". The other puzzling thing is if I log on
to my mail box and go to the Delegates tab, I cannot select "Custom" as a
We have re-created her mail and Network profile and rebuilt her machine with
no change to the problem. She would like to be able to log off her mail box
without getting the caution about "You sill have mail in your Outbox....."
 Two questions. 
1. Has any got a clue as to why these messages are stuck in the Outbox??
2. Not as important as the first, but where the heck did she find the
"Custom" permissions??? I believe this should have no affect because she has
permission at the server level.  

Thank in advance for your help.
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