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Hi Alex,

I didn't understand exactly what it is "spindle", but the information
below can help you in further problems.

You must to prepare every year to the Brazilian Daylight saving time,
because every year we have the initial date and the end date changed.

We configure our servers and our workstation to change the registry,
adapting the daylight saving time to Brazilian dates. The article KB317211
from TechNet can help you and all workstation are updated using script.
The best thing to do it is configured this registry when the "Diario
Oficial" notice about.

You must use net time or Windows time service to synchronize the
workstation with the server time.

Make sure the server, workstation and Outlook configuration are with
"automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" checked.

All this configuration must be done as soon as possible, because if you
take so long you can have problems with appointments created before to the
configuration to the appointments with dates after the daylight saving

PS: The users that use Palm must be careful, because some of then don't
have the option for daylight saving time and they don't change
automatically the time. Then if the user synchronize all the appointments
will be change.

I hope this information can help you.

Simone Leal
Exchange Administrator

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Hi Folks,
I=B4m using exchange 2000 / SP2.
In Brazil , we=B4ve "brazilian time summer". The hour grows 1 hour.
We=B4ve GMT -03:000.

Normal Hour: 02:00
Summer Hour: 03:00

Official Hour: 03:00

The most machines has the correct time, but some machines has a diferent
hour in Outlook->tools->options->calendar options->spindle

The hour in spindle is different of hour computer. When you change , or
computer hour, or spindle hour, the calendar is changed to wrong state.

How can I syncronize this hours ?

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