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You did not get EMS from "Win 2003" server CD, perhaps you mean "Exchange
Management Tools" from the Exchange Server 2003 CD.


Did you install Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2003? You should.


Strictly speaking, the Exchange Management Tools (32-bit) are not supported
on any computer where Outlook is installed (and vice-versa).






and the articles it links to.


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I'm sorry to bring this up again...


After much frustration without a fix, I decided to reimage my XP
workstation. With a clean install of all applications, including Office
2007, my Outlook 2007 worked fine until today. Outlook is exhibiting the
same symptoms again. Looking back to what was done to the machine recently,
I remembered that I had earlier installed Exchange Management System (from
Win 2003 Exchange server CD) so as to be able to use ExMerge to manage my
Exchange 2007 mailboxes. 


The ExMerge tool is working fine but it must not be compatible with Outlook


Here is a link to the steps that I followed to install it:







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Subject: Outlook 2007 issues with Exchange 2007


I'm trying to find some fixes for a couple of issues with Outlook 2007 in an
Exchange 2007 environment.


1. When composing a message, Outlook 2007 acts as though it times out after
about 2-3 minutes. When this happens, if I send the message, it ends up in
the DRAFTS folder, with the message truncated. This happens whether I'm
composing, replying or forwarding. OWA always works fine.


2. Perhaps related to the first issue, but I'm not able to open or save any
type of attachments in Outlook 2007. I always get "Operation failed"
message. Again, this issue is not seen in OWA.


I have tried several times to completely uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook
2007 but the issues still come up. I have checked on the Web for for help
but could not find anything. Please help!





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