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Maybe something in his windows profile, can you delete his\her profile
and login and create new profile.  Or try to have the user logon to
another PC and setup his\her email on the different PC to see if you
still get the problem, if not then something in his profile I would bet.

Thanks Bruce Rose

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OK, I have one that is stumping me.

I have a client that has about 15 users on Office 2003 and about 35
users on
Office XP. All are set up as Exchange clients. All have current service
packs for office. Exchange 2000 standard on Windows 2000 Server. 

One and only one user on Outlook 2003 started having an odd problem this
morning. He can send out e-mail through Outlook fine, but he is not
receiving any while Outlook is in Cache mode or if hitting Send/Receive
button. If I log in as him and turn off cache mode, it works fine. But
soon as I hit the send/receive button to test, it pops up with the

The error is "Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending' reported error
(0x8004060C) : 'The message store has reached its maximum size. To
the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no
longer need, and permanently (SHIFT + DEL) delete them.'"

Well I have thoroughly reviewed both the server, all mail boxes, his
box, has OST file, and everything else I can think of and there is no
box size problem, in fact his mail box is now only about 5 MB. 

Researching the only things I have found are KB894795 and KB897247. I
call MS PSS and got the hot fix, but I am reluctant to install it as it
a part to be installed on the server as well, and this is Exchange 2000
only one user is having this problem, so my gut feeling is this will not
work. I have also read KB327378 but again only one user is having this

I tried deleting the mail profile and creating a new one, and same
I tried renaming \D&S\username\Local Settings\Application
Settings\Microsoft\Outlook to Outlook_Old and creating a new one, and

I logged on as me and configured Outlook and I had no problem, even
the send\receive button.

So, any ideas or suggestions? Should I try the hot fix and steps in
KB327378? Should I rename the users D&S folder and log in to create a

John T
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