Outlook 2003 and XP SP2

  • From: <jc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:52:09 -0800

Hello everyone,

I am running Exchange 2003 in a 2003 domain with roaming profiles, all 
workstations have Office
2003 and XP Pro.  I have just installed SP2 on one station and I notice 
something weird:     
1.   I get an OST file missing error when I launch Outlook
2.  on send/receive, it says it cannot connect to the exchange server or a pop3 
account which is
set up (btw, all email kept in the exchange  account so there is no missing pst 
vis-&agrave;-vis roaming profiles)
3.  if I go in to the tools and check out the email account settings, I 
&#8220;test&#8221; the pop
account and it works fine;  I also check the exchange account setting and I 
make sure that cached
mode is not checked (again for the sake of roaming profiles).  I don&#8217;t 
understand how it can
connect fine on the test but not on send/receive

As a preface to this problem, we have been having internet connectivity issues 
all week where the
connection goes up and down every other second all day.  It&#8217;s definitely 
a problem in our
network which I am in the process of isolating (may be a bad switch or a 
Symantec firewall
appliance that has been in this office since before me and may have gone bad).  
I also added
Outlook as an exception to the SP2 firewall.

Any ideas?



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