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Step one:          Make sure the new server can surf the Internet

Step two:          From a cmd prompt on the new server, run nslookup

Step three:        In nslookup, type set typ=mx

Step four:          If you want to send an e-mail to user@xxxxxxxxxx,

Step five:           Note the MX record with the lowest preference
number (usually 10)

Step six:           Exit out of nslookup and type telnet <result from
step five> 25

                        For example, telnet 25

Step seven:       If you get a 220 response, then your server CAN see
another mail server on port 25 - which is good.  If you don't get a 220
response, then that's your problem!


So, that's a long winded way to ask if you can telnet to port 25 of a
remote mail server.  So can you?


Matt Walkowiak


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Hi All...


Having  a problem with Exchange 2000 outgoing mails. 


It says that "The remote server did not respond to a connection
I'm having this problem only with Exchange 2000. Our old exchange 5.5
which is still on the network has no problems sending mail.
If anyone could help me with this problem I would be most grateful,
Thank you,
Hasitha Samith Wijegunawardene.


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