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Please check you proxy settings,you should typically have
socks,www,winsock,ftp,gopher,among other services active.if you double click
any of them,you should be able to view a button called active sessions(or
something like that).
If you view the addresses active in these sessions and they are foreign-at
least some of them,then make the necessary erstriction configurations.
Forexample,with winsocks->double click->active sessions->(will show you
users by address).
Then winsocks->doubleclick->advanced->should provide you with a way to make
restrictions on who uses the service.Restrict use to ur network.
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I am running an Exchange 5.5 Enterprise with sp4 on a win2k server.  It is a
single site, single exchange server in a mixed mode NT4 domain.

I usually have a bunch of outbound messages stuck in the "Outbound awaiting
delivery" with no Originator header going towards various spam related
websites.  I manually delete hundreds of these out of the que several times
a day.  Is there a way to configure the exchange server not to accept any
email which has no Originator information?  I have relaying shut down tight.
I assume that these emails are the result of either a virus on an infected
pc here on our network or pc's with spyware loaded accidentally on them or
something of this nature.  If there was a way to lock down the exchange
server, is there a downside to this action?



My guess is that you are seeing NDRs from <> because Exchange accepts the
message then verifies that there is a valid email address.

The fix is to reject during the SMTP for invalid users but in the Exchange
Family only 2003 has that ability natively. 
I use an LDAP lookup from my Linux box running my filtering software


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