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Don't walk, but run away from Challenge response software.

John T
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> Subject: [exchangelist] Out Source Spam Solutions
> We are currently evaluating an outsourced Product called Reflexion to add
> another layer to are existing spam solution (Antigen) Antigen has done
> well for us but our leadership deems even one false positive as an
> issue... So the search is on...
> Reflexion sends the sender of an email a reply stating the email address
> has changed and to use Once sent the sender uses
> this new address for any furture correspondence.
> I have heard of some solutions that will fire back an email message to the
> sender stating if this is you plese reply back to this email. Once they do
> this they get white listed..
> Can anybody reccomend a solution that does this? Also anybody that uses
> reflexion your comments on the product would be useful as well...
> I tried google but must not be wording it correclty. Its been a long
> week...
> Thanks for the help...Have a great weekend...
> Rich Tibbets
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