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I'm not sure about your question, but one of sister sites who doesn't use our 
email server (long story) use a Spam software something like your talking user sends them an email and they must reply back to it to get 
White listed.  Now from what I've heard from different suppliers, customers and 
users that uses our mail server don't care for this Spam software our sister 
site uses.  Actually, this sister site has not received A LOT of emails due to 
the fact in todays age, people don't want to be replying back to BS emails to 
be verified to their white list or get confused on the reply email they receive 
stating they must reply back to be added to their white list when before they 
had no problems.

Just thought I'd let you know my experiences of Spam software.

Good luck to ya.

Mike Dufoe
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We are currently evaluating an outsourced Product called Reflexion to add
another layer to are existing spam solution (Antigen) Antigen has done
well for us but our leadership deems even one false positive as an
issue... So the search is on...

Reflexion sends the sender of an email a reply stating the email address
has changed and to use Once sent the sender uses
this new address for any furture correspondence.

I have heard of some solutions that will fire back an email message to the
sender stating if this is you plese reply back to this email. Once they do
this they get white listed..

Can anybody reccomend a solution that does this? Also anybody that uses
reflexion your comments on the product would be useful as well...

I tried google but must not be wording it correclty. Its been a long

Thanks for the help...Have a great weekend...

Rich Tibbets

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