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  • Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 20:04:17 +0100

Hello all,

let's see if you can come up with something funky for the following:


I have half a class C coming in over a CATV connection, going into a Cisco
(3600 series, 6 slots, can't remember exact model number).  This Cisco does
simple, static routing. 

The Cisco is in turn is connected to a Windows NT based Checkpoint FW 1 4.1
(3 NICs: External, DMZ Lan and Internal).  This does simple routing (No NAT)
to the DMZ with 16 IPs, and 1-to-1 NAT for the rest of the IPs with the
Internal LAN.

The DMZ NIC is connected to a small Cisco MicroSwitch, to which an Exchange
server is connected.

The Internal NIC (subnet is connected to a Cisco Catalyst
Switch, the internal users are also connected to this switch, but are on a
different subnet (  The internal servers (ie. PDC, file
servers, etc.) are on yet another internal subnet ( and
connected to the same Catalyst switch.  The Catalyst switch is using VLANs
to separate the subnets and a Cisco 3600 series (a 2-slot this time) routes
between these 3 internal subnets.  

(Don't ask me what the thinking behind this is, I joined the company after
it was set up...)

Anyway, now my real problem is the following:
I will soon be getting a small 512/512k ADSL connection to a different ISP
with 1 single fixed IP address.  I want to use this ADSL connection
exclusively for my Exchange server, but want to have control over what
packets can travel over it, so I would like it to pass through a firewall of
some sort.

I was also considering installing a small 'personal firewall' on the
exchange server itself. 

I'm throwing this in the pit to see if I can get any alternative

Cheers and regards.
Andrea Coppini

Mr. Andrea Coppini
+356 79 ANDREA (263732)


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