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  • From: "Richard Davis" <rkd@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:45:06 -0600


>Yeah, GFI actually works very good, it has the junk mail folder. I just
>can't get them to look at the junk just  incase there is an email that
>might be a good one.

It sounds to me like you need an anti-spam solution where your users get
zero false positives like Mail Foundry.

I have Mail Foundry set up to deliver spam tagged. A client side filter
moves tagged email to a local junk mail folder and marks it as read. The
client is set to delete messages from that junk mail folder after one
week. The only time any of my users need to look in their junk mail
folder is if they didn't get a message they thought was coming, false
positives. So far none of my users or myself have gotten ANY false
positives to look in the junk mail folder for. When you aren't getting
any false positives, then when and where to check your quarantine
becomes moot. After a couple of weeks you quit looking.

We really like the tag, deliver, file, then delete because it does not
require any attention unless there is a suspect false positive. And like
I said, with Mail Foundry we have had zero false positives in our first
month, and that includes the first couple of weeks it was learning our
mail profiles.

For comparison I have another account that is going thru a Barracuda
appliance. That account is just as old as account going thru Mail
Foundry and receives about the same amount of spam both quarantined and
in-box. The difference is that I have to check the Barracuda daily
quarantine report for false positives every day. And if marked as not
spam instead of whitelisting the false positives end up in my quarantine
time and again. The spam/ham reporting on the Barracuda does not
actually do anything except give users warm fuzzies, at least that has
been our experience.

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