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Would it be feasible to manage legitimate business contacts by
I'm not sure about GFI but most enterprise spam tools have interfaces to
port legitimate contacts into a white/allowed senders list so that
legitimate mail is delivered normally to this group. If you have a
CRM/businss app or even a contact list in AD you can port the business
contacts from these sources and add them to your white list. You can
even schedule if you want a zero-touch option.
There's a whole raft of options to manage spam but they are all
compromises to some extent and ultimately end up being a trade-off of
automation versus accuracy.

*       No change, Keep the existing junk senders rule and live with it.
*       Don't filter,
*       Send spam to another person to filter for legitimate (eg. PA)
*       Prepend SPAM text to subject for easier classification
*       Deliver to Administrator holding area for review by exception
*       Reduce filter accuracy to allow more legitimate hits (but this
will increase SPAM), tradeoff
*       Only filter known SPAM sources
*       Block by exception
*       Greylisting (works wonders)
*       Dynamic whitelisting
*       etc...

Bear in mind, no current spam solution will ever provide 100% accuracy,
and thats not even thinking about that whole "one persons spam is
another persons email, vica-versa" argument. 
Hope this helps


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What is the best Spam filter on the market?
Right now I use GFI which does a really good job of sending stuff to a
junk mail folder, ready for the but?, but the partners here don't want
to spend time going through that folder looking for legitimate emails.
Go figure! 
Right now they are looking at off sight spam filtering. Any opinions on
that? Suggestions?
Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.
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