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Boa Dia, 

From your email domain it appears that you are Brazilian ( I am Portuguese ).  
I haven't run open Exchange and I am sure that it is a very good product,  I 
really do not know of any company's in my area that are running it so I 
personally can not give you any feedback. However the Linux users list may be 
the best place to ask such a question, try, they have a pretty 
active list on such topics and some very opinionated Linux Gurus that are 
always eager to give you there two cents ( Most are good guy's and gals )

What I have run and can give you my opinion is on the email client that I  have 
had my Linux users use.  Ximian connector for Ximain's Evolution works great to 
connect to my Exchange 2003 server that I supported at a previous company with 
out any issue's.

I have to admit, Microsoft did a really nice job with Exchange 2003.  Is 
Exchange really that expensive? 

Jose Medeiros
Former Vice President and Postmaster NTEA

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Yeah yeah, no one knows Novell for sure ;) Small company...

OpenExchange is a good option, it includes features that would require you to 
have Exchange, SharePoint and Project, but they all come bundled AND run on 
Linux. It's licensed software (since SuSE at the time developed it shortly 
after being acquired by Novell), and it ain't cheap ;)

Check out Novell's site, it inclues pricing charts for the product. At least 
you don't have to license the Operating System itself, just pay SuSE's 
maintenance if you wish.


Tiago de Aviz
SoftSell - Curitiba
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>>> msalim@xxxxxxxxxxxx 21/7/2005 16:04 >>>

Hi all,

Any comments on Open Exchange?  Anyone used it?

This is an open source (i.e. free) product.  I have a customer who seems
very interested in it so I wanted to talk to him intelligently about MS
Exchange vs Open-Exchange, technical pros and cons (not just mareting pros
and cons like "MS is a big company, Open-Exchange is an unknown, no
support etc.").

Best regards
Mike Salim


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