[ExchangeList] Re: Only DNS server IP address is Wrong !!!

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Set Static DNS until you get it fixed;  are you sure no other DHCP
servers or services are running on that VLAN?  There is a little program
free on the internet that will show tcp traffic in and out of PC I think
it is tcpcon.exe.





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send some more info


On 9/13/06, shorabh upadhyay <shorabh.upadhyay@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Dear All,

                Here I am posting a non-exchange related issue but
please all you are requested to put yours Expert Comments.

                 We have different VLAN for different floors and DHCP
Server is used to lease IP to all the computers on these VLAN's.  On a
specific floor any system will get the IP address and all other
information's like DNS server address and Domain Name from our DHCP
Server and will work normally. Now problem is that after some time th e
system's DNS server IP address changes automatically to
<>  and IP address and other information would remain
same. After run ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew it will again get
the right DNS IP. 

               This problem is not a system specific i.e. this problem
occurs randomly on any system in that particular floor. We are using a
different subnet for our Network which is a Class A IP range.

                We had reconfigured our VLAN and DHCP scope related to
that particularly floor but no luck. Our Environment is Windows server
2003 and Client OS is Windows XP.

  Our AD, DNS and DHCP server all are on the same server and we had an
ADC with all these roles backup. 

                    Please send your responses ASAP as I facing this
problem by the last one week and now conditions are worst for me. 


Thanks and Regards,

Shorabh S. Upadhyay
Engineer - Exchange Server Support


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