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Hi Mark,

I think it's a great idea and I would participate.
I would love to have had something like online chat available when I first 
started programming.... back in 1964.  :-)
I keep several "gurus" on my Yahoo/Aim Instant Messengers and if I have a 
question they are only a few keystrokes away...and me from them.  It's amazing 
how much time can be saved by this kind of communication and exchange.  It's 
like having experts of your choice working right there with you.


Kelli Mariah Irwin
Technical Specialist

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> Hello All
> I posted this last week and really did not get a very good response, so I 
> will try one more time.
> What would you guys think about having an online chat session, maybe once a 
> week or once a month to discuss certain topics, I would host the chat server 
> and you would pick the topics you would like to discuss, this would be a 
> great chance for us to build a strong community.
> Let me know you thoughts and I will try and schedule the chat sessions for a 
> times that would be suitable for you all.
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