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There are major issues between WindowsXP SP1 and Windows2000 SP3.
(depends which way you look at it I suppose :) - 20 mins to open an
Office document on a Server; most network transfers slow) Here are some
kb and other links which may assist.

814112 Files Open Slow or Errantly with "Read Only" Access on Network
"Another User is currently using the file from a different computer.
You must ask them to close the company file before you can open it." -
it's the Oplocks.  Turn them off;en-us;q306802
autodisconnect of the 2k drives [turn it off] JSI Tip 0019 - Disabling
Windows XP: 
Get the hotfix and/or reghack off the requirement for digital signing
The fix for the Windows XP sp1 file locking issue: 810907- "Error
Messages When You Open or Copy Network Files on Windows XP SP1 Clients
That Require SMB Signing"
The text that goes with 812937 (the latest in the LONG list of
Microsoft's pathetic attempts to sort out Windows XP's interoperability
with Windows 2000) states "Microsoft recommends that you wait for the
next Windows XP Service Pack 2 that contains this fix.
From Microsoft PSS

>>>> Clarification on Q810907, Q331719, Q329170, Q331519, MS02-070 <<<<
approx 6 March 2003

To fix the Office file-locking problem, it is _not_ necessary to install
MS02-070 (as referenced in KB 329170, which was in turn referenced by KB
331519). MS02-070 is a security patch that was recommended to be
installed on WinXP Pro SP1 desktops to fix the fact that the patch was
not included in XP SP1 (although it was supposed to have been). It is
still recommended to install MS02-070 on XP desktops, but if you are
keeping up to date with patching on the SBS server, it is not required,
but I'd install it just to be safe.

To actually fix the Office file-locking problem, you must use the patch
referenced in KB 810907. I understand that for some people installing
MS02-070 seemed to have fixed the problem, but the "official" MSFT
solution to this problem is 810907. I can't explain why the other patch
seemed to have worked, but this one is your best bet.

KB 331519 never actually contained a QFE - it simply contained a
reference to KB 329170 - which in turn was MS02-070. (whew, I'm running
out of numbers) 

KB 331519 was pulled from the live KB servers because the reference to
MS02-070 was actually incorrect - since MS02-070 did not actually fix
the file-locking problem, and the security team at Microsoft did not
want to have a false reference to a security issue where one did not
actually exist (MSRC = Microsoft Security Response Center, BTW).

The KB for 331519 is being re-written to simply say the old data was
incorrect, and has been superceded by KB 810907. This should be posted
and on-line fairly soon.

I do want to apologize for the fact that the article was pulled without
warning, although from a technical standpoint, there was no harm because
the fix in MS02-070 did not actually fix the problem the KB was talking
about. Again, I can't explain why it seemed to work, but the official
fix is contained within 810907.

Mariette Knap

I could go on - but there is already so much that has been said. Do you
really want WinXP in your network?

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia

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