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Let me get this straight;


1.      Your company has a network in both the USA and UK which it hosts
to (being the UK one from what I gather)
2.      Your current Exchange mail has been out sourced to another
company called CIHOST
3.      You have an ISA 200 Server in your network which is using
dial-up to connect your 25 users (56k into 25.. yikes!)
4.      You external DNS is


Then you start talking about the ideal situation; what you plan to do
with your MX table on your external DNS, blah blah, honestly you should
already know what to do and be confident in doing it without telling us,
if you don't know ask but don't give a long ideal situation story. :-)


Regarding the OWA part, now that we know you out source your email to
another company, you will need to purchase a server, Windows 2000
Server, Advanced or Standard depending on your scenario and hardware
needs, you will need also purchase Exchange Server 2000 Standard or
Enterprise; again depending on your needs and configure it accordingly. 


Now as far as the IP thing, you shouldn't be worrying about assigning
your Exchange server an external IP address unless you plan to run two
Exchange servers; FE and BE (Front End and Back End); The Front End
generally sits on the DMZ of your ISA box while the back end sits behind
it, but if you are using just one Exchange server I think it would be
best to put behind your ISA server and level ISA do the bulk of the


To answer your IIS and OWA question. You can't run Exchange without
having IIS installed. OWA is just a built-in component of Exchange that
gets installed into the default website under IIS. How it gets connected
to the net it up to you and how you configure your ISA server.








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hi Thomas;


1. Clients is located in USA & UK, 4 in USA & 2 in UK.

2.the exchange server is hosted now in CIHOST Company, and  i am using
my exchange server 2000 enterprise edition to connect to the server
which is hosted in USA, CIHOST by using POP3 Downloader ( GFI
MailEssential POP3 Downloader), and all of my users configured on
OUTLOOK 2003 with exchange Account with one PST for each user.


3. I have only one ISA server located in my Network configured to
connect to the internet through DialUp telephone line, without any
special configuration at all ( i mean no any static IP-Address at all
-Real IP-Address- ).


4.the FQDN for my domain which is hosted in CIHOST, in USA is (


i want them to access the following FQDN (



here is my Plan for the situation.


First of all, i want to get ride of the POP3 Downloader, and i want all
of my E-mails to come directly to my exchange server, without going to
CIHOST company.


so i am Planning to do the following:-


1. Get one Good connection to the ISP, Leased Line with 512K.

2. Get 4 Real IP-address.

3. change the DNS settings for my doamin , to map to the Real IP-Address
which i took from the ISP.

i mean if i have the following configuration for the DNS settings from
CIHOST, 28800 in MX 10 28800 in MX 10

and the ISP gave me the following Real -IP address:-


i will change the DNS settings to the Real-IP-address which i took .

so when any one send an E-mail to me, the DNS willknow that the MX
record for me is 

( instaed of (




4. this is what i know exactly, so i need now to put the OWA for the
Users which is they are in USA or UK, i need from them to type ( and then they will be able to access


so in order to do that, i will do the following :-


4.1. Bring new & Good PC.

4.2. Install Windows Advanced server 2000 on it.

4.3 Join it to my domain Locally in my LAN.

4.4 Name it (

4.5 give it the following real IP-Address ( ) with the
complete Subnetmask & Default gateway & DNS which the ISP- will give it
to me.



A. untill now there is no any Problem at all, but i want to know
something, for the Wmail Server, what should i install on it to run OWA,
should i install another exchange server, or should i install only IIS,
or i should not install any thing on it ? 


B. also, i did not do any thing here with the ISA server, so can you
tell me what is the excpected Problems i will face it if i put the
E-mail server ( exchange server ) on line & W-mail also?


can you please guide me with PDF Book or PDF file , for the steps should
i follow in order to make OWA ( question No A )  for the user out side,
and then i will discuss with you the ISA issue.


best regards, 

Hatem M.M.

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