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I don't mean to sound rude but how in the world did you get an Senior IT
job when you haven't even grasp the works of Windows Server and the


What you want to do is very simple, it doesn't require all these
questions if you know how the external domain name setup/configuration
works, how IIS with Exchange and OWA works, and most importantly if you
know how ISA 2000 Server works!


Okay you want help. 


Get the company its own domain name in the net, then once you have your
dedicated internet service, that being DSL, a T1 or whatever, as long as
you get a STATIC IP, you simply point your domain name to your static IP


To get OWA working a lot people use, so to do this
you go to the person who is looking after your companies domain name and
add in the A table (correct me if I am wrong) and added --> your static IP and your done. The rest you have
to do on your ISA server. 


To receive emails on your Exchange server simply point your MX table to
your static IP and setup ISA 2000 to work with Exchange server, done.


To use Outlook on the outside simple enable SMTP and POP3 if you want on
you Exchange and setup ISA 2000, done. I don't use SMTP and POP3 on my
box, and a lot of companies here don't do that as well so instead they
setup a VPN connection and only let their employees VPN into the network
to get their mail, I on the other hand us RPC over HTTP. 





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i made my network as the following :- ( DC) win Advanced server 2000 exchange server 2000 - enterprise edition-. ISA server 2000, enterprise edition.

4. 25 Clients with WinXP-Pro SP1

My domain name is hosted in USA, CIHOST Company, and the E-mail Also, i
have the user name & Password for the Administrator website to my E-mail
to add user or delete user.

before we add exchange 2000 server, i was configure all of my client to
use OUTLOOK 2003 and configured for them POP3 account for the E-mail, to
let them send & receive E-mails.

but after i bring exchange 2000, i am using GFI -POP3 downloadear
installed on exchange 2000 and its connect to my server in USA and get
all of the E-mails for the user and then distributed them back .

iam using Dial UP.

no static IP-Address for the server , no special configuration , and
every thing is working more than fine. but i have a planning .


The Plan is:-

i want to change the DNS settings for my E-mail & my domain, so instaed
of hosted it with this company, i get one good connection to MY ISP like
Leased Line 512, and i will get 4 IP- Address ( Real IP-Address) , and i
will change the setup, so when any one send e-mail to me ( ah@xxxxxxxx)
, it will come to me directly .

this is no Problem to it.


Now i want to establish Outlook Web Access for all users here in my

i do not have any website at all. i have only one exchange server 2000
and installed on it IIS and no any special configuration has been done.
only the things has been done in IIS was for SMTP Connector .

what i know is :-

but i need it to be accesible to the out side users . so any one in UK
or in USA, he will type only in the Web Browser the following :-


and it should work.

so the Plan is :-

1. change the DNS settings to make my e-mails come to me directly
instaed of sending it to the CIHOST and then let my exchange server
connect to it through POP3 Downloader.

2- delete the POP3 Downloader from my exchange server and it will work
fine . 

but still for the OWA , i want to make for the OUTSIDE-

so what i know is :-

i will ask the ISP to Park this sub-domain for me which is ( mail) , and
then i will ask him to give me the Static-IP Address & the DNS settings
, and then i will install windows advanced server 2000 on this machine &
then i will name it ( Mail ) and then i will give it the static
-IP-address which i took from the ISP, and it will be accesible for the
internet user . ( Note without security).

but what should i install on it, should i install exchange 2000 again?
or , should i install IIS only ? 

So Please guide me , or send me URL , OR PDF file for the steps which
should i follow in order to work.

many thanks for your help


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